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Trading in the zone

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Introduction In any performance related pursuit, when you are working in full flow, it common to experience the effortless and instinctive benefits of being in the zone. This article aims to present you with a usable blueprint to ensure that you are able to trade the financial markets from this zone-like state more often. The Zone Through trial and error, combined with a determined level of tenacity and persistence, you will continue to evolve as a trader. As you gain experience you will get your first glimpse of the elusive state known as the zone. It is a realm where all of your skills and expertise fall into place and trading becomes natural and instinctive. The zone is a common phenomenon that pervades most walks of life. Most of you at some point in time have experienced the wonders that accompany the ability to operate from a zone like state. Everything becomes autonomous and effortless, even the most difficult of tasks are taken in your stride when you are in the zone. In the world of sport, the zone phenomenon is like the holy-grail for most athletes. When athletes enter this much sought after state, everything that they do in the sporting arena becomes an automatic and instinctive extension of their behaviour. This is even more applicable to the realm of financial markets trading. When you are in the zone, regardless of being under extreme pressure, you can effectively multi task, work easily and for extended periods of time consistently generate lucrative trades. Unfortunately the zone is a state that often eludes many. Below I am providing you with a blueprint that you can use to get yourself in the zone. The Blueprint The blueprint contains 4 important ingredients that are required when you attempt to access the traderâs zone. 1. Expertise This is the one the most important pre-requisites. If you have just started trading in the markets, it is impossible to enter this state of autonomy until you have acquired all of the trading processes that are a necessary in order to trade well. And the blunt fact is that, the only route to obtaining expertise is through hard work and practice.. 2. State All your behaviour is a reflection of your internal state, if you feel good you tend to perform well. Therefore in order to maximise your chances of trading in the zone you need get yourself into a productive state. Before you begin trading, fill your mind with visions that inspire and motivate you. As long as what you think about makes you feel good then you have successfully created a positive internal state. State is not only confined to your mental well-being, but it also dependent on your posture. In order to get your body working effectively you need to make sure that your body posture and your internal physiology are correctly adjusted. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably and in an attentive up right position, then adjust you internal physiology to a place of relaxation and composure. Conclude this by taking a series of deep breaths. When your mind and body are in a positive state you have a strong foundation with which to work from. 3. Time The next important ingredient to consider in accessing the zone is how long you spend on the task. Time is another important factor in determining whether or not you enter the zone. Without a doubt successful people get more done compared to their unsuccessful counterparts. They able to work for significant periods of time and in the process they increase their chances of uncovering ground breaking techniques and strategies. Therefore the longer time you spend on your performance task the greater chance you have of entering the zone. When you feel that you are losing motivation and the incentive to continue with a task, remind yourself that it is only through persistence and perseverance, the zone appears. 4. Focus The fourth important ingredient is focus. In order to get in the zone you need to make sure that your focus is in the right place. According the Sun Tzu, the warrior that is in the zone, has no concern for the past or the future and is totally dedicated to the present moment. The same idea is applicable to the world of trading. In order to gain access to your success zone you need to direct and keep your focus glued on all of the key trading actions that you engage in. An intrinsic love for the task itself needs to take precedence, irrespective of what the outcome of your efforts may hold. If you can effectively grow a deep appreciation for each and every action you are absorbed in, the whole trading process becomes more pleasurable, helping you to work for extended periods of time. If you can totally absorb yourself in the moment, developing advanced and unique winning strategies becomes natural. The moment you become consumed with the outcome of your efforts, for example making or losing money, your ability to get in the zone will desert you. As it has been discussed it is important to remember that thinking about an outcome does not help you achieve it!

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