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IDEA : Mobile Phone Case

by User · 2012-04-24 21:50:53 · in








Idea Details

Convert your phone into a camcorder by using our innovation that will help you shoot video without shaky hands

Problem Situation

For some time now I've noticed people shooting video on their mobile phones. The issue I've noticed is the that most shoot the video in a 'portrait' orientation. The biggest issue with this is when/if they chose to watch the video on a tv then it's not id

Enhancement / Solution

The \'solution\' I have discovered would be a case with built in, fold out handle. The handle would make it easy and stable for \'standard landscape\' filming. This product could be made out of moulded plastic and may or may not require an incorporated

Target Customer / End User

Anyone with a mobile phone


No need to carry attachments

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