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IDEA : How Cool Is That?

by Azlinrasheed · 2012-04-24 21:59:23 · in








Idea Details

Keep your drinks cool

Problem Situation

You got the perfect cocktail in your hand, but the ice cubes dilute the taste after a while. Of course you could use the funny plastic cubes that don\'t melt, but it\'s a bit awkward have them swimming in your drink and honestly: who has enough of them in

Enhancement / Solution

Ice Drops stick to the bottom of your glass, you refill them with crushed ice as often as you need. No melting ice in your drink, no concerns about water quality. Looks cool and helps you recognize your glas

Target Customer / End User

From consumers to product manfacturers


Fits into every glass Refill with crushed ice as often as you need No melting ice in your drink No concerns about water quality Always recognize your glass Perfect gift

Similar Product

Ice cubes - dilute the taste of your drink after a while Plastic ice cubes - you need new cold cubes for every drink
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