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IDEA : Tackits

by Princess · 2012-04-26 13:46:22 · in








Idea Details

Plain old pushpins? Screw ‘em! Introducing Tackits - the tack with a twist. The impetus behind this innovation is simple; regular tacks fall easily out of the wall or bulletin boards. Tackits\' corkscrew design twists into most any surface and provides a secure mount for the heaviest of Hallmark cards and monthly calendars. And with another flick of the wrist, you can cleanly remove Tackits and reuse as needed.

Problem Situation

Hard to use the traditional type tack pin

Enhancement / Solution

- Corkscrew-style pin twists into place for a more sturdy hold - Easy to remove with a counter-clockwise twist - Unique head shape allows easy turning, hanging, and threading for crafty possibilities - Perfect for cork, drywall, and soft wood - One pa

Target Customer / End User

Office users


- Polypropylene plastic head - Steel pin

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    1 Respondses on Tackits

  • Nrdyana_, on 2012-06-11 13:55:49 said:

    Takda seni

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