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IDEA : Lift

by Ameron · 2012-04-26 14:08:21 · in








Idea Details

Leverage Your Luggage

Problem Situation

When traveling, it is a burden to carry your large luggage and there is no extra support for you to hold

Enhancement / Solution

Lift is an adjustable, heavy duty t-strap that secures around a suitcase in both directions and adds extra handles for easy lifting. A seatbelt-style buckle makes it easy to attach and remove the straps, and the front plate displays a luggage tag. Packing

Target Customer / End User

Everyone that likes travelling


-Heavy duty t-strap secures suitcase both horizontally and vertically -Strap can be tightened around small and large suitcases -Fasteners hold strap securely in place -4 attached handles with adjustable placement to help with lifting -Seatbelt-style buckle makes it easy to attach and remove straps -1 embedded luggage tag

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